Roni Stetter

Founder + Lead Strategist, Righteous Relations

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Bullet Bio:

  • Roni was an undefeated spelling bee champion during middle school.


  • In high school, she studied subjects from Shakespeare to web design to Moot Court, as well as two foreign languages.


  • A competitive swimmer from age 13 to 16, her athletic career ended with a lower back injury.


  • As a college sophomore in 2010, Roni stepped up to help lead the campaign to legalize marijuana in California.


  • She writes a cannabis lifestyle blog under the moniker, "The Hurt Guru," documenting her experiences with chronic pain.


Can you recognize real?

Always passionate about education, Roni Stetter is now in the business of educating thousands, as a writer and creative facilitator of internet content strategy and traditional public relations services. 

Roni attended San Diego State University, where in 2013 she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of political science. Simultaneously, she attended classes at the SDSU School of Journalism & Media Studies, earning a journalism minor with emphasis in public relations from one of the nation's top PR schools. 

She officially transitioned into the cannabis industry in 2015, after becoming somewhat restless with agency and startup life. Working long client hours for low pay, while constantly picking up side gigs and part-time jobs to make ends meet, had become the norm. Meanwhile, she intuitively felt the calling of so much creative and innovative work out there to be done, but believed that most agencies probably weren't willing to "go there."

Rather than continue building a "comfortable" career based on vague interests and promises of future financial stability, she chose to ride the wave crest of an emerging industry, one that she was extremely passionate about for many reasons.

Roni founded Righteous Relations in October of 2016, just after her 25th birthday. Now she savors every opportunity to  develop creative communications campaigns for brands in and outside of the cannabis space.

The ability to spot a good story is a talent and a skill, honed by years of immersion in online trends and innovative industries.

Roni brings to the table a wealth of experience, both in executing public relations tactics and in analyzing human behavior. She has contributed professionally to political campaigns, events-based professional organizations and world-class communications agencies. 

Examples of past public relations account experience include: The San Diego Museum of Art, Harrah's, The California Office of Traffic Safety, several DOJ Public Engagement and SANDAG Public Works projects, ballot propositions for the state of California, Baja California (Mexico) Secretary of Tourism, and technology giants SolarCity and Razer.