5 Reasons Your Small Company Needs PR

Think you can't afford to hire a PR firm? Think again.

Want to know what you really can't afford? Marketing your brand to the wrong people, avoiding setting actionable goals for your business - or, a giant, ugly, unexpected crisis.

Whether you craft your own DIY public relations strategy, or hire a firm to help you get started, the benefits of PR for your small company will build a solid foundation for the future. Planning for outreach, coverage and crises in advance will put your company at a great advantage, compared with those who simply wait around for something to happen.

Benefits of PR for new and small companies include:

Name Recognition

Your company may very well be getting mentions in the press, and hopefully you're already tracking this. The right PR practitioner can monitor and track your brand's progress in their sleep. Not only that, but they can perform direct outreach to additional blogs and media writers who may be interested in hearing and publishing your story. 

Even if a journalist doesn't run your very first release, give it time. A skilled publicist is bringing your name up all over town, and eventually, your name will get recognized. 

Strong Brand Message

One of the most obvious upsides to having your own PR agent is having your story straight. When your public talking points, website branding, physical marketing materials and social media language are all in sync, your company will stand out in a good way.

People remember cool slogans, but they love companies that stand by their arguments, promises and values. Whether they're potential partners or end customers, you want your audience to get the same vibe and voice. 

Crisis Preparedness

Is your business prepared for s%*t to hit the fan at any moment? Excuse the morbid tone, but in the cannabis space, we know all too well what it feels like to see established businesses robbed or raided, executives detained and the media cycle spiral out of control, all in a matter of hours.

There are a few ways a public relations pro can outfit you for swift and professional crisis  communication: getting your ducks in a row with the proper compliance solutions, and preparing statements and action plans for every possible scenario. 

Company Culture

When it comes to determining how your business will operate, setting the cultural standard early is an intelligent strategy. Defining codes of ethics, company values, target audiences and employees will ensure that every action you take follows the core mission you have laid out. 

Plus, a company with a unique culture will build up plenty of authentic stories to tell. Learn from MassRoots' example as one of the "chillest" startups in the cannabis industry

Goal Setting

Did you know that PR people can strategize far beyond the media sphere? Sales and marketing goals, hiring plans, and event planning are all in the public relations purview. Your publicist sees every win for your business as a potential story to tell through web or social content.

One of the biggest mistakes that large companies make is keeping the PR team in the dark about what's going on in other areas of the company. Public relations has the practical knowledge needed to spot crises or conflicts before they unfold, and the creativity to bring your existing operations perfectly in sync.

Of course, with every service added, PR can seem costly at first. Overcome this fear by weighing the value of being prepared for anything, against all the potential perils. Small companies who lack a PR mindset are at risk of falling out of relevance in their industry, losing once-loyal fans and customers, or folding as the result of a professional, financial or political crisis.  

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