"New Year, New Story" PR Consult

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"New Year, New Story" PR Consult

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In a funk? Set your goals and set the bar HIGH for 2018! Never doubt that your story deserves to be heard. Sometimes success is just a matter of how you deliver the message. And I'm here to help.

Once again, for a limited time, Righteous Relations is offering a 1-hour content & PR brainstorming and planning session with me, Founder and Lead Strategist Roni Stetter.

During this session you will:

  • Introduce me to your brand and the values it stands for. 
  • Receive a basic audit of your online brand, from social media stats to your website, to your mentions in the media. 
  • Talk about 2017 and the issues your brand faced last year.
  • Set meaningful goals for 2018, with strategies to achieve them.
  • Develop key messages, themes and campaign ideas for your social marketing & media outreach activities!

*It would be an honor for your in-house marketing or social media staff to join in on our session. Please just limit your guests to 2; more than a few people on a conference call makes it tough to get the focused results I live for!*

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